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Veteran and Gold Star Discounts for Voice Over services


     As I mention on my studio descritpion page, my recording studio is cluttered with various objects of all shapes and sizes. All of them tell part of my story, and many of them are related to the 6 consecutive generations of military service in my family.

     Ribbons, medals, dog tags, a little wooden Budai good luck charm my dad said helped keep his helicopter flying in Vietnam, my granddad's Pearl Harbor Survivors cap... all kinds of momentos and honors from over 120 years of military service.

     I can't quite explain it, but if you served, I see you as part of my family. If your family member made the ultimate sacrifice, I grieve for them along with you because they like are part of my family as well.

     Every veteran or Gold Star survivor recieves a minimum discount of  **17.75% on any voice over work I do for them.
     If you are currently in a bad patch with your vereran owned small business, due to COVID-19 or our current state of economic quazi-chaos and in need of special payment arrangements (or would like to try to work out a barter deal) I will do all that I can to accommodate you and your needs.


     In bootcamp, lesson number one is that we can't win unless we are committed to each other's success. We know what it means to look at the person next to us and know that we are responsible for their life and to entrust them with our own.

    The past few years have brought a "my oath of service never expires" slogan on all kinds of swag sold online, but what they need to sell along with it, is a reminder that my commitment to my brothers and  sisters in the service of our country never expires either.

     Now, if you feel like you would rather the amount of your discount be donated to a veterans charity, please specify for me which 5013c you would like to recieve 17.75% of the cost of your project, and where you would like them to send confirmation that they recieved your donation.

*This We'll Defend *  Semper Fortis * Semper Fidelis

* Semper Paratus * Aim High... Fly, Fight, Win * semper supra

**[ If that number seems like a strange amount for a discount, that's because the US Army, Navy, and Marine Corps were formed in June, October, and November (respectively) of 1775 and I am a history nerd about such things.]

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