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Client Feedback &  Testimonials

  • “Ripley is phenomenal. A very dynamic voice and a fantastic job reading a rather difficult piece. We are very impressed!."


  • "It was amazing to work with Ripley. Thank you for prompt responses, and amazing take on the VO.​"

  • "Exactly what we needed. Ripley was quick to respond to questions and got us what we needed in less time than we had even hoped. We would definitely recommend Ripley for any future recording work."

  • "Thank you so much Ripley for your hard work and dedication to this project! You're a pro!"

  • "Just such a pleasure to work with!!"

  • “Fantastic voice, I can tell Ripley gets it. Energetic and professional!”

  • “Nailed it. Out of the park. Very satisfied. Thank you, Ripley!”

  • “Wonderful work! Loved the emotion you added, and I really appreciate the quick turnaround. Thanks so much.”​

  • “Professional, fast and open to suggestions. I recommend Ripley for anyone’s voicework needs.”

  • “It's a difficult situation when you're not there to coach or direct the voice actor on how to 'act' out the script. I'm very happy that Ripley was able to accommodate my comments and changes...and at quick turn-around! Will definitely use Ripley’s voice again for future projects.

  • “Ripley took our direction beautifully and showed the ability to make adjustments if we had needed to ask for it. All in all, a lovely experience.”

  • “Great work !! thank you! It's perfect. For sure, I will propose you others works. take care.”

  • “Great work! Quick and nearly immediate response to the revision. Outstanding!”​

  • “The quality of work for excellent and the turn-around time was so fast. We even made a change to our script and it was completed in less than a day!”​

  • “Excellent voice quality and very responsive on revisions.”

  • “On time and great quality”

  • “O U T S T A N D I N G!!  Awesome delivery, super fast turnaround. Doesn't get better than Ripley. Thank you! “

  • “Love your reads. Really appreciate the amount of takes and choices you give us. Thanks again!”

  • “Thank you so much for your work! It sounds great and very original! Hope to work together again soon.” 

  • “Excellent work, quick turnaround.”

  • “great voice! great service!”

  • “Great work! Team loved the performance.”​

  • “Excellent work as usual. Looking forward to working with on future projects.”

  • “Fantastic work—you interpreted the script and our directions perfectly and we're thrilled with the result. Thank you kindly for your prompt and professional work. :)”

  • “Very happy with Ripley’s quality. There were over 500 independent sample sentences. Each one was treated very well. Not an easy task.”

  • “Thanks for following up the project quickly. It's my first time using voice over from the internet instead of recording in the studio. I found Ripley’s work to be convenient and efficient! Thanks a lot! Will use you again in the future!”

  • “Love the warmth and excitement without becoming cheesy.”

  • “Voice sounds beautiful and professional! Great work!”

  • “Thank you! And especially thanks for the quick turnaround on the revision. It sounds great and is exactly what we're looking for.”


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