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Hello there!

    As a US Navy veteran, I understand the importance of clear meaningful communication, and how it can be used to influence people and change outcomes.

     My clients and their projects are treated with nothing less than the utmost respect and always receive the quality, professional voice over services they need when they need it.

     Whether it’s for a commercial, a documentary, a video game, a corporate presentation, or any other project, you get the perfect voice over that captures your message and helps to connect it on a personal level with your intended audience.

     You can trust that your project will be handled with the utmost expertise and professionalism, because when you work with Ripley Johnson, you have the Voiceover Veteran Advantage.

About Ripley Johnson

I’ve been working with audio recording and voice work in one form or another since I left military service. On any given day, I may do things like HR video narration for Starbucks, or an Elastigirl (Holly Hunter) impression for Disney corporate program explainers. (I’ve got to confess, that one was my favorite) Through my voice over work, I take people on virtual tours of some of the world’s most amazing locations inside the Brink Traveler VR app, I voice commercials for a variety of different businesses, products, and services on TV, Radio, and Digital Streaming. From video game villains to comedic stressed-out cartoon squirrels, I breathe life into characters to life and life them off the page to have incredible adventures. I make my living telling other people’s stories, in one form or another, and then those stories go out into the world as a part of corporate video presentations, medical procedure explainers, interactive telephone systems dialogue, audiobooks, commercials… whatever. I tell thousands of different stories each year. So why should be so redescent to tell my own? Because I have a BIG thing with representing myself as honesty and clearly as possible. Unfortunately, the general overview of my personal story is not an accurate representation of my life and the way it has been lived. For example, if told you that I was born in an Army hospital and moved around to lots of different cities while I was growing up, you’d naturally assume that I grew up in lots of different places because my dad was in the Army and got transferred multiple times… which is absolutely NOT true. The truth is that my mom joined a cult a few months before I was born, my dad left us because he didn’t want to be in the cult, and left to her own devices, mom chose to follow her friends in the cult when they had a legitimate reason to move, even though she did not. I could tell you that I dropped out of high school my senior year because my grades were too low for me to graduate, and you would probably assume that was lazy or unintelligent, which is also very far from the truth. At that point in my life, I was all but abandoned and living mostly on my own. I had gone to live with my dad, but he was never around. I was working as many shifts as I could, and struggling with untreated ADHD. Those were really difficult days for me, and schoolwork just wasn’t something I could keep up with. Less than a year later, with no prep whatsoever, I went in to take the GED exam on a whim and CRUSHED it. I took the ASVAB without a single bit of preparation and scored a 98. My life has always been filled with these complexities. Telling you that didn’t serve my full contract with the Navy might lead you to assume that I had discipline issues, but the truth is that I developed PTSD after being involved in a horrible accident on the flight line where one of my shipmates was badly maimed. There are plenty of voice over talents that can accurately pronounce Esophagogastroduodenoscopy, but I’m one of the very few that can actually explain the procedure in detail, right off the top of my head even though I’ve never done any kind of voice over projects on the subject of Gastroenterology. (Hopefully, that will change soon, because I’m a total science nerd and LOVE doing medical work.) Having this kind of unique life history, means that I have a wealth of experiences to draw from for my voice over and voice acting work. The downside is that writing out an accurate yet brief ‘About Me’ page is next to impossible. Here lately though, things have become a little less complicated to explain. I’m happily married, have a wonderful daughter, 2 cats, and a dog that makes sounds like Chewbacca when she’s hungry. If you only know remember one thing about me, it’s this… My life has always been leading me here. Fate, destiny, divine intervention… call it what you will, has created me to tell stories. At my core, I am an artful balance of intellect, empathy, and life experience instilled with the drive to communicate, educate, entertain, and inform. How many people are truly confident that they are living their purpose? I don’t think anyone knows, but you can be sure that I am one of them and your project helps me fulfill my purpose.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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