When it comes to audio workstation programs, I really only recommend 2 of them.

Adobe Audition is the voice over industry standard and I really feel that it is the best option out there. 

Audacity is free open source software used by many voice actors at all industry levels.

Most people who are new to voice over tend to start with Audacity and will adapt a new DAW as their skill levels and needs change.

Like everything else in voice over, I suggest exploring what feels right for you before making a choice

Adobe Audition and I go way back together. All the way back to its earliest days when it was called "Cool Edit." 

Over the years countless other DAW programs have been developed. But Adobe Audition has remained the industry leader.

If you asked me to name all of the reasons why I choose this program over the others, I would probably spend an entire week just trying to get it all written down, so I will sum it all up like this.

It works best for VO. It integrates very well with other creative software. It has anything you might possibly need already built into it, and it's easy to learn how to use if you're  a beginner.

There is a lot to love about Audacity.

First, you absolutely can't beat the price.

Second, nobody can deny that it is a workhorse that does a damn fine job getting voice work recorded, edited, and minimally processed just like we need it to be.

There are a truckload of features and toys that you won't get with this software that you get in Adobe, Pro Tools,  Reaper, and some of the other big players in the world of DAW for VO, but that's okay. You don't need all of the toys and distractions. You really just need something that works well for you.

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