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It's Time You Understood
How To make Your Voice Over 
Sound Good

On every level. Audio quality is at least half the battle. Most clients expect modern voice over artists to deliver at or above industry standards, but 90% of them fall short.


How confident are you in your audio quality? Do you sound like you're recording in a bathroom closet or on a Dollar Store microphone? Is there a problem with room noise, sibilance, or over compression that is costing you high paying jobs and quality clients? 

Tim teaches you everything you need to know about acoustics, EQ, compression, downward expansion and beyond without going over your head AND without talking down to you. Tim makes it fast, easy, and fun to sound like you're working with a professional audio producer EVERYTIME you record a project or audition for a client.

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Tim Tippetts is a widely respected and accomplished Voice Over Pro, Composer/Performer, and Audio Tech Expert with decades of experience as an educator, team leader, and systems architect.

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