What Do I Mean By "Possibly Too Personal?"

When you work as a voice over artist like I do, CONFIDENCE IS CRUCIAL.

Not just necessary, but the actual lifeblood of your work.

The VO Master, himself, Mr. J. Michael Collins very wisely once said, "If they can hear you trying, you've already failed." 

Truer words in the world of voice over may have never been spoken.

So what does that have to do with being personal?

For a very long time I tried to keep my true self in a secret box. It's one of the effects of having been raised in a cult. I had to PRETEND to be normal most of the time.

That means that the "ANNOUNCER" persona came very easy to me at first, but the "Real Person / Conversational " style of voice over delivery was extremely difficult for a while.

As I find more and more success in the voice over realm, I find it's because I am growing more and more confident in who I really am as a person.

You can hear that in my work.

Well... where does that come from?

When you can speak your own story, HONESTLY, to anyone who has the ability and/or desire to hear/read it, it's a sign that you are truly confident in yourself.

The good stuff.

The fun stuff

The bad stuff.

The very bad stuff.

Even some of the kinda gross stuff will be here (or really gross if you happen to be particularly squeamish).

Everything here will be 100% real, honest, and unfiltered.

I will share the of details from my childhood, being raised in the CULT that was Herbert W. Armstrong's Worldwide Church of God.

There will be stories about being backstage at rock concerts, multi-million dollar lawsuits, and what it's like to have 15 individual strangers come up and literally demand the shirt off your back while you eat a hot dog on a used car lot.

I'm going to make you feel all of the things.

Lots of this stuff will be funny.

Some of this stuff is sad.

All of it is life in all of its wonderful hues and shades.

If you're a person with trigger word problems, turn around now and go back to your homepage. There are stories of physical, sexual, spiritual, and emotional abuse that I have to tell, and I'm not gonna pull my punches.

That's my brand of confidence.

The confidence to get on the internet and shout, "THIS IS ME" not out of a boast or brag as much as a "I'm okay with you knowing my whole truth."

If I can tell anyone anything about my life because I am that confident in who and what I am, then I can surely deliver an honest and confident narration about the history of a company or the flavor of a refreshing soft drink.

If you want a peek into my private life and some stories about what it has been like to be me so far, stick around.

There's a lot for me to lay out here... and it's possibly too personal.

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Possibly Too Personal

Written by Ripley Johnson