Today We Are All James Ryan

Each and every Memorial Day, this scene and these two words cling to my conscious every waking minute. #EarnThis

Tom Hanks is such an amazing actor. It's just two words, but watching him deliver that line will always make me cry. Every. Damn. Time. He fills those two words with the hopes and dreams of every service member who laid down their lives, lost their limbs, or sacrificed their sanity in the horrors of war.

Each Memorial Day I am like the elder James Ryan standing there and wondering if I have lead the kind of life that would make these men and women proud.

The Holiday isn't about flags and tombstones. It is about us, the living. The ones who have been given this amazing gift of living under the protections of our constitution. We don't owe the dead songs, prayers, or platitudes. We owe it to them to live the best lives we possibly can, and not to waste a single minute of the lives that these brave souls gave to us.

Rest easy, Shipmates. We have the watch.

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