Thoughts On Marketing, Sincerity, and Cults From A Freelance Voice Over Artist

How much is honesty worth?

What kind of value do you put on an honest marketing message?

I only ask because It's the part of my day where I'm working on marketing my voice over talents to those who have need of my services and I'm starting to notice that there is some part of our brains that suffers from what I'm suddenly going to call "Image Fatigue."

It's when you just can't handle someone who presents a false or exaggerated image of themselves or when you yourself lack the mental strength required to present a particular image to others to affect how they think of you.

When most people think of cults, their minds instantly go to the isolation aspect of cult life. Most likely because isolation is one of the primary defining characteristics of a cult. But the fact is that most people in cults actually live out in the regular world with everyone else and have to put on a facade with almost everyone they see on a daily basis.

When you're a kid, this is super tough. You're already having to just figure out who the hell you actually are, and then you have to figure out how to pretend to have a normal life at the same time. On top of that, your imagination is busy trying to do it's regular job of being a kid's imagination with all of the regular monsters, space battles, and whatever other adventures need to be conjured up each day.

I exercised my imagination like bodybuilders work on their physique. The end result was a very strong and active imagination but almost zero tolerance for using it on my own reputation. I'm not too hot on people who don't have the integrity to speak honestly about themselves either.

Image fatigue.

I don't have an image, I have me.

From a marketing standpoint, honesty is a pretty good brand.

Maybe what we all, as marketers, need is to just get overloaded to the point where we can't be cliche or overplayed parts anymore.

The older I get, I start to see more and more how finding my own way out of a cult at age 14 was proof that I had what it takes to be okay in a maelstrom of chaos.

And if there is a better way to describe media presence in the age of the internet than a maelstrom of chaos, I haven't yet heard it.

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