Hello, 2021

*Places a note in your hand. Note reads as follows...

Please excuse Ripley for being absent from her blog for the past 6 months.
She had surgery on her right hand, followed by extensive surgical repair to her right shoulder, and had a five year old starting kindergarten during a pandemic.
For good measure, Ripley's father went full on into ultra right wing conspiracy theory crazy town and declared her to be his enemy.
Plus... well, everything else that happened in the 2nd half of 2020.


Thanks for coming back to my blog.

I guess you could say the same about me. I have been gone for a while, but the blog, and my readers, were never far from my mind.

When I started writing this and decided to include my stories about growing up in Herbert Armstrong's cult, I didn't know how or if people would respond.

Now I know that this blog is necessary, not just for me, for for so many of you who have contacted me after reading what I wrote.

One of the positive things that happened for me at the end of 2020 was my FINALLY getting the right kind of mental health help that I needed.

Part of me has always been reluctant to admit that I needed to get help. Of course there is the stigma that comes with needing mental health help, but also there is the notion that, "I'm not violent or sitting in the corner finger-painting with my own shit," so therefore I'm just fine and just need to "suck up my feelings and get back to work."

I did have a general therapist for a while, but he wasn't really understanding anything that I was telling him. Then I got a proper psychiatrist. While he was good for lots of other people, he just wasn't the right guy to handle the fact that cult patients need different treatment plans.

My new guy is a dual specialist (psychology and psychiatry). He was just evaluating me for someone else to treat, but when he saw that my issues stemmed from being raised in a cult, he did something that no other doctor has done before.

He actually became interested.

He asked me if I would mind his taking over my case (as opposed to some randomly assigned doctor with open slots for a new patient) so that he could gain personal experience treating cult survivors and help to advance the treatment for others like me.

I damn near cried when I heard him say that.

Our first session was exactly what I needed. Breaking down the mental engine piece by piece and recognizing that, so far, everyone else has been trying to work on metric parts with imperial tools.

This is gonna be some really hard work for me, but I've never been so motivated in all my days.

Is it gonna FINALLY get the images of self destruction out of my mind? I honestly don't know.

But if you want to keep reading my blog, I promise that we will be finding out together.

... and along the way there will be silly stuff... maybe some politics and history... definitely some science... lots of stories about Armstrongism - Past, Present, Future, and Fictional (meaning I'm gonna bust some myths and correct some mistruths) ... talk about being a voice over artist ... and whatever else I toss in for good measure.

This is my blog , and much like me, it's Possibly Too Personal.

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