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VO Tech Guru

 Incredibly easy to understand instruction on audio processing, EQ, compression, downward expansion, sibilance issues 

recording, mixing, and more from voice over's most trusted audio tech guru Tim Tippets.

The best sounding audio will always give you the the best response.

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Learn how to bring your copy to life. No matter the subject or format, ANYTHING can be interesting and engaging. 

The art of storytelling in both writing and voice evokes emotional responses from your listeners and helps to grow your success.

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Get the answers you need from an expert with more than 15 years in the industry. 

From creating compelling copy to finding the right music and tone, you'll gain traction with more customers faster.

Find new ways to help your business sound and perform better today.

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Voice Over Basics

Learn the art and business of voice over from the ground up.

Learn everything from software to hardware including how to build and equip your own portable home studio.

Voice your own videos or start working as a voice artist full or part time.

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